Primrose Eve Headband


A perfectly mystique array of multi sized evening primrose floral. With her delicate metal flowers and striking Swarovski crystals, Primrose Eve sets beautifully amongst a brides romantic curls. A headpiece which can be transformed to a tall whimsical crown-like piece or moulded to sit low and hug the back of the head as a structured vine. A chic headpiece, complete your look with a single narrow veil for a romantic ambience.

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Type: Headband

Design length: 37cm, Width: approx 10cm

Metal floral in soft silver foil, Swarovski crystals, imitation pearl beads.
Gold vine and headband.

Find Primrose Eve earrings HERE

Mannequin is real life size.
• All measurements are best estimates
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PLEASE NOTE: All stones and crystals are unique, and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the image shown.

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