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Your wedding day will be one of the most important days you’ll plan within your lifetime. We all experience pressures in different ways; it’s refreshing to know that we can use tools such as a wedding planner diary, music, solid friendships to provide for our operational, emotional and spiritual needs. So how can we take it a step  further?

Here we present our collection of aromatherapy essences which have been specially created to help calm your nerves, to add spice in your love life and to ensure support for the best of clarity in the lead up to your wedding day..

Our collection is pure, of the highest quality Australian sourced and organic essential oils. Our four blends are formulated on the needs of our body’s seven Chakra energies, a fine tuned selection of ingredients to achieve the ultimate of uplifting experiences.

A combination of very specific aroma’s and the highest in purity allow each of our blends to emit long lasting scent. 

Our balanced blends are carefully selected and measured to refine your body’s equilibrium toward a self balanced state.

There are 4 to choose from; Balanced~Mood/ Clarity~Self/ Love~Connect/ Sense~Spirit

Connect with your;

* conscious well being

* focus

* reduce anxiety

* mood enhancement

* aphrodisiac

* deeper self to alleviate depression

Ingredients include; ^nutmeg ^tangerine ^YlangYlang ^Peppermint ^Lavender ^Rose ^Vanilla ^Blk Pepper ^Sandalwood ^Spearmint ^Orange ^Clove ^Coconut


Click on each Scent to find out more


For vaporisation use only; add 5 – 7 drops to your chosen heat diffuser. Or place a few drops on a pendant or fill your car diffuser and hang in a spot away from plastics and other absorbent materials.
For skin use; Your essential oil can be placed on your wrists or anywhere externally on your body however MUST be mixed with an oil such as apricot oil, sweet almond, jojoba or any other carrier oil that you believe will not create an adverse reaction for you (ie. Almond oil is a nut based oil – do not use if allergic to nuts!)
NOTE: if using directly on any outer skin surface; our essences must be diluted: one drop only per 2 mls of carrier oil (approx. 10 cent coin) prior to applying to skin.
** It is important to also do a small test patch; once diluted; keep on skin for no more than 10 minutes; wash thoroughly and do not re-apply for 48 hours. If there are no allergic reactions then you will be fine. Do not hesitate to email OR seek immediate medical attention if any reaction occurs – call ‘ooo’.
NOTE: If pregnant or breastfeeding; this product MUST NOT be applied or make contact with your skin
NOTE: Car diffuser must be immediately hung once filled as otherwise the oils may seep from the camphor lid or through the hang tie onto other surfaces; damage could occur.
NOTE: Do not ingest and do not apply directly to skin.
*Always consult your health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or homeopathic remedies before using any essential oil products.
*Keep out of reach of children & pets! Flammable; store below 30c.
Ingredients are 100% pure essential oils, produced & packaged in Australia.
Size of bottle is 15ml 

Our customers are the dearest; See what they have to say about our blends 

Sandra - SA. W/D 08.09.19

I was asked if I could do a review  on how I felt after using the Balance Mood essential oil and have to give it 5 star’s. This took over my senses in a way that I could not stop relying on it. Everyone was saying I’m so stressed and had to start relaxing and honestly when I used this product I felt so much better. I used the necklace pendant and refilled it in the morning when I woke up.

Kate - NSW. W/D 29.09.19

Love Connect – this stuff has saved my relationship. So powerful. I dab a little on my wrists and under my ears mixed with my apricot oil and can sense my mood changing. So I also use the Clarity Self in my car as I do alot of driving with work. Used organics for years and this blends are perfect

Rachel - VIC. W/D 13.07.19

Clarity Self. I have always suffered form high anxiety and low self esteem my maid of honor kept telling me everything will be fine. I bought this with my crown and used on most days leading up to my wedding. The sweet orange scent in my bedroom and I used the necklace when at work to stop my overwhelming nerves. Love this and would not hesitate to recommend, thankyou for your help Forever and Again.

Kate - WA. W/D 24.02.19

Sensual blend. Ha ha I love this mixed in a little almond oil and dabbed on the most important spots and wow. The tangerine scent is super uplifting. Have purchased the 4 pack since and Sensual and Balance are my favourites. Thanks guys !

Katrina - VIC. W/D 01.03.20

I chose the Love and Clarity. The are definately a therapeutic blend as they dont smell like a beautifully scented candle. But from my experience they arent supposed to. The definately have a very powerful scent, I feel very relaxed and mindful when I have the Clarity on for a while, I really think this has helped me through my planning for my wedding day.

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