1. Manage your wedding budget 

2. Tick off your to-do list faster 

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4. Pay your items off over 4 easy instalments.




F&A’s processing times for your AfterPay purchase from order to ship date may take up to 48 hours. 

This delay in processing is out of F&A’s control and it is fully reliant on AfterPay’s confirmation of funds transferred to our merchant account. 

Our team can only ship your parcel once full confirmation has been received from AfterPay. 

Please allow for this additional time required when and if you require your items at short notice. 


Can I return an AfterPay purchased item? 

Yes absolutely. Returns are subject to F&A’s returns policy, please CLICK HERE for more details. 

If we arrange for a replacement of your order in part or in full; your original transaction agreement with AfterPay will continue per your required schedule of repayments. 

If it is agreed for a full or partial refund; the amount refunded will be credited through to your AfterPay account. 

In circumstances where we may issue a store credit; your original AfterPay transaction will continue per your required AfterPay scheduled repayments. 

Please note: We will only be able to process either of the above once your return reaches our shop and is processed by our staff. 

You will still need to meet any commitments required with AfterPay in the meantime.


What if I can’t pay an instalment? 

Your repayment agreement terms and conditions are determined by AfterPay, please CLICK HERE to learn more about what being a customer with AfterPay entails.


What if my Afterpay order does not arrive? 

Simply contact our Customer Care team and we will assist you in locating the parcel. All parcels have tracking details. 

Parcels are not sent until AfterPay has confirmed deposit of funds to F&A’s merchant account.


What if I have a problem with my AfterPay payments or account? 

You will need to contact AfterPay directly in relation to any issues regarding your agreement with AfterPay CLICK HERE for more information.


Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single transaction? 

Your spend limit is determined by AfterPay; some variables which are considered; 

* length of time as a customer with AfterPay 

* Amount outstanding 

* Ongoing minimum balance held.